Select your Bronze Memorial for placement

March 29, 2019


The bronze memorial is one of the most popular ways to honor those who are buried in a Memorial Park. The memorial is cast of solid bronze and sits atop the burial space with a simple yet elegant look. In choosing a bronze memorial, you have an almost unlimited number of options to personalize your selection.  Options for Memorialization includes: horizontal or vertical representation, color choices, inscription or verse, choices of flower vase, granite foundation color, emblems, and cameo pictures. This type of memorial when secured level in the ground becomes a wonderful perch to place flowers upon. Designing a bronze memorial for your loved one is a process that you can do alone or with family or friends.

 If you would like to create your loved ones memorial, now would be a great time to make an appointment with Memorial Advisors Andrew Wahrlicht or Joe Mazmanian to create a lovely memorial for you and your family to cherish along with your loved ones.

We look forward to making your plans for Memorialization come to fruition.

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