Please update your Family History form

March 28, 2019

In the State of New York, when a husband and wife pass, the ownership of their cemetery spaces passes to their children.  The children are able to use the spaces on a first need basis.  A completed family history form in a file shows all of your children so that none are left out by accident or intention.  The family history form becomes an invaluable tool for our Staff at Memory Gardens when a burial for one of your family members is called in to the office.  We are able to prove ownership of the spaces in your family plot in a timely manner during a very critical time for your family.  Please take a few minutes, print out the form, and complete it.  Please mail it to us at Memory Gardens, 983 Watervliet Shaker Road, Albany, NY  12205 or email it back to us at


We thank you.


.Family history form

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