Floral Placement Service

Placement service begins April 24 and ends October 6.

floral bouquet

Plan 1
25 Fresh Bouquets

Fresh flowers each week from the end of April through mid-October.


floral bouquet

Plan 2
15 Bouquets

Every other week, includes Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, July 4th and Labor Day


floral bouquet

Plan 3
10 Fresh Bouquets

Every 3 weeks, includes Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day


floral bouquet

Plan 4
5 Fresh Bouquets

Select five special dates between April 25 and Oct. 7.


floral bouquet

Plan 5
1 Fresh Bouquet

Select one special date between April 25 and Oct. 7.


fresh red rose bouquet

Plan 6
Artificial Bouquet
: Spring, Red-White & Blue, Early Mid, Late Summer, or Fall

Select one 

$25 each

floral bouquet

Plan 7
All six Artificial Bouquets



Fountainlawn Memorial Bricks

To help cover the cost of recent renovation to the fountain in Fountainlawn, Memory Gardens is offering Memorial Bricks to be placed along the existing pathways that run from the road to the fountain.

Each brick will be engraved with your choice of wording, whether it is the name of a loved one or a special saying. You can purchase a single brick or we offer a discount for multiple bricks.

Our grounds staff has already placed the first orders of bricks and has received many compliments from visitors to Fountainlawn. Space is limited so be sure to get your order in before space runs out!

Single Brick


Two or More Bricks